Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's Love Got to do with It???

Happy Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. I just love the idea behind taking one day out of 365 to focus on the people who mean the most to you. Some of you are already rolling your eyes (yes, I can see you) and are probably saying something like, "you shouldn't just show love one day a year." To you, I say stop rolling your eyes, I agree with you...to a point.

So many people make fun of Valentine's Day. You'll hear people (usually single people) say, " it's a Hallmark holiday and its too commercial. It's just a way to guilt people into buying stuff they don't need to prove to someone that they love them." Now I'm rolling my eyes because you're wrong. Valentine's Day is so much more than a chocolate heart and a greeting card.

Life is busy, no question about it. We go through a 40 hour work week (on average) to get to the weekend that seems to last a total of 10 hours. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life and forget what's most important. It's easy to come home from work and just want to veg out in front of a computer or TV. Those of you with kids know how easy it is to come home, kiss your partner hello and then focus on family time  with games, baths, dinner and homework. After all of that comes the clean up and the preparation for tomorrow, packing lunches, cleaning up and finally giving yourself a rest. Once the kids are in bed, it's time to just chill. It's okay to take time for you, even if it means putting yourself before the one you love. It doesn't make you a bad partner or person, it makes you human. And this is why days like Valentine's Day are so important.

To me, Valentine's Day isn't about the sweetest card or the most expensive piece of jewelry. It's about that one day, early in the year, to make you stop and remember those you love. It's about taking day in February to focus your attention on the person that keeps you smiling through the rough times, laughing through the good times and loving through all of the times. Valentine's Day is about taking a moment to reflect on the who and the what in your life make you the happiest. It's a day to give instead of receive.

Today, coming home from work, I saw so many men and women with flowers, balloons and gifts. It was a sweet scene as I imagined these people going home to their families and smiling, laughing and loving. My hope for each of those people, and for you, is that today simply acts as a reminder that there is no wrong day to show your love. Does it mean that today is the only day you should shower your partner, your friends and your family with love? Absolutely not. In fact, it meant more to me three weeks ago when my hubby came home with a Skor bar, just because, than it did to go out to dinner last night. I would be your partner would say the same...it's the little things, the random things, that bring the biggest smiles.

Use today to remember how special you felt when your partner said that extra I love you, whether today or three months ago. Reflect on the warmth you felt when you got that homemade gift from your kid, whether today or 6 months ago. Acknowledge the effort your partner made in preparing your favorite meal or planning your perfect date, whether today or six week ago. Thank your parents or friends or babysitter for giving you "the night off" so you could be a couple instead of parents, whether tonight or last year. I challenge you to celebrate your love day in/day out and year in/year out.

Valentine's Day is about sharing love...not sharing gifts. 
Hallmark only wins if you let them. 

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