Monday, May 7, 2012

What's New?!

Good Morning! I haven't blogged in a while so I figured I'd come just catch you up. I figured this blog would be about nothing but then I saw I had a comment to approve. Oooooh, who has been reading? Well, the answer is some jerk. It was a nasty comment; I haven't received any of those in quite some time so it did take me a bit by surprise. It shocks me how ignorant some people can be. I'll address this moron, in case they come back to read, and then I'll catch you up on life.

This idiot wasn't man (or woman) enough to leave a name; the comment was posted by "anonymous." Man up. If you want to call me names and tell me that I'm a baby killer, tell me your name. Allow me the courtesy to know who is so ignorant; I hope you're reading this. I hope you realize I rejected your comment and won't be posting it so you can feel free to stop visiting the blog. Know that I am praying for you, praying that you and your family are able to avoid, forever, the heartache and devastation that come with having to make such a difficult decision. I also pray that if someone you are close to is dealt this hand you have enough compassion for that person to KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. I'm not a baby killer I don't consider what I did murder. I never will, regardless of how many ignorant and rude comments I receive and regardless of how many names you call me. If this didn't break me, I can sure as hell promise you that your words won't break me either.

Life has been pretty busy. My boss is still on maternity leave so I'm doing a lot of extra work at work. It sometimes means 10 hour days and then work when I get home, but it's worth it. The team, I think, has felt supported and with all of the changes we're experiencing that's my top priority. Tomorrow starts a round of national trainings and my calendar through the end of May is CRAZY. It makes the days pass quickly though so I can't complain. We have a new president and he seems like a great guy. He's got great energy and optimism, which we need right now. Now, if he can overcome the two issues  in our main location he'll be my hero. Only time will tell....

I voted earlier this month. I was really pulling for Patrick Murphy for Attorney General. Unfortunately, he didn't win and our Democratic nominee is Kathleen Kane. She is against the ultrasound bill, which is obviously an important issue to me, and I hope she pulls through with the win. We have to get the Republicans out of that office to balance out the idiocy in our Governor's office right now.  His term cannot end soon enough.

Other than that, nothing is really new. Hubby and I are considering a vacation. We may just wind up in AC a few times but we'll see. We've also decided to put off trying for a baby until July/August. We're really trying to avoid having a due date near our last one. It would be too hard. I'm hoping to get pregnant in August/September and then I can have a May/June baby. Birthday parties outside! ! ! Obviously, we'll take the blessing whenever it happens. We're both still scared of the idea but we're ready to welcome a little one into our family.

Okay, enough catching up. Thanks for reading!

p.s- If you haven't read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, READ IT! You and your hubby/wife will thank me for the recommendation. 

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